VEHARI - The period of ignorance has passed and now the light of awareness can lead the humanity to justice and equality. All the departments including police department should be aware of their duty regarding public interest, said DPO Vehari Syed Ali Nasir.  He was talking to police officials during an open court held at his office. He listened to complaints and issued directives to the officials concerned in this regard. He said that the head of a department was responsible for the affairs of the officials of his department.  He also discussed performance of the Model Police Station. On the occasion, Vehari Press Club President Sheikh Khalid, former general secretary Chaudhry Muhammad Ashfaq, Usman Khan, M Sagheer and M Aslam were also present.

The DPO expressed his satisfaction regarding security plans during Ramazan and told the media that he had categorised the city in four parts according to their sensitivity. He lauded the efforts of Maher Ishaq, the SHO of the police station for his good performance.