At a time when PPP led coalition government is facing crisis after crisis, the only good news is that there is a strong vocal opposition led by Imran Khan to the only opposition party PML-N within the parliament. These two political parties are slugging it out and exhausting their energies against each other like immature men whom fate and destiny have placed on their shoulders a task, which seems to be too much for them to handle. Nothing could be more pleasing for President Zardari, whose performance in the past four years has been despicable and yet the only two political parties of any significance to offer him with credible opposition are too obsessed with childish rivalry that perhaps living and growing up together in the same city, sometimes gives birth to. Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif need to realise that they are getting into a quagmire which will damage both of them and perhaps benefit PPP and their coalition partners.


Lahore, August 3.