GAMBAT - Police in the interior Sindh town of Gambat have arrested a man and two women and charged them with ‘intentions of adultery’, BBC reported Saturday.

Curiously, the law-enforcers took it upon themselves to register a police case and also decided to act as witnesses to the said ‘crime’.

Reportedly, a video clip is doing the rounds among locals, where the man and one of the women charged by police are shown being paraded naked and are trying to put their clothes back on but are forced against it by police officials.

According to the case registered by the police, officials were informed by a ‘local spy’ that a man named Mumtaz had invited two women over for sexual favours. Police said that when they reached the site, they found a man ‘sitting inside a room, with his arms around two women’. Since no witnesses were present on the site to record their statements, two police officials who were part of the raid were made witnesses to the ‘act’.

Contrarily, it is believed that several eye-witnesses were present at the site and saw the police force a naked man and a woman on to the streets. Parading the couple through the streets, the police also went past Sheikh Chowk, half a kilometre off the incident site.

When BBC Urdu spoke to the eye-witnesses present at the Chowk, they said that when they showed their aversion to the police, the woman - still without clothes - was forced into a police mobile and Mumtaz was forced to walk in front of the vehicle all the way to the police station. The second woman, eye-witnesses said, was fully clothed at that point.

Mumtaz, told to be a local trader, who managed to seek a bail from a local court said he was being victimised by the police. He said he has filed a petition, which will be heard on August 8 in the Sindh High Court. Meanwhile, both the women have been sent to Larkana jail.

While locals have condemned the incident, no official complaint has been lodged. Gambat is a tehsil of Khairpur district, which is also home to Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah.

According to Superintendent of Police Arfan Baloch, local SHO and sub-inspectors have been suspended over the issue. He said further investigation into the incident is under way.