ROME - An Italian journalist is suing the US government and the Italian interior ministry for $25 million, claiming that she provided information which helped US to reach former Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and shot him dead last year.

Investigative journalist Mary Pace, known for her work in solving Italian mysteries, claims that in 2003, she gave Italian authorities information on the terror chief’s whereabouts that was passed on to the US government.

She has now filed a suit in a Rome court for the amount of reward the US offered for information leading to the late terrorist’s capture or killing, according to Italian media reports. Osama was killed in Pakistan’s Abbottabad city in May 2011 by US special marines in a cross-border helicopter raid.

According to the suit drawn up by Pace’s lawyers, the writer came into possession of ‘very detailed information that gave the hiding place of noted terrorist Osama bin Laden considered responsible for the Sep 11 terrorist attacks’.

“Her source revealed that the terrorist was in Pakistan, in an area of 30 square kilometres between the cities of Wah, Gadwal, Samiwal-e-Havelian, the last being in the district of Abbottabad,” the suit said.