Democracy is a form of government in which everyone participates to make their country a success. Like a car engine, a democratic country has 5 cylinders that support the engine and push the country towards improvement. These five cylinders are the public, judiciary, government, education and media. Democracy around the World succeeds only when all these five cylinders work together.

In Pakistan, for the past few years we have witnessed the non-effective working of two cylinders, which are the judiciary and the government. And although the previous government has changed and we have new better people in charge, the judiciary is still the same.

In the past five years we have witnessed many high profile cases, most of which were taken up by the CJ himself under suo moto notice. In fact most of these cases are still pending. The most notorious case, the Hajj case is still pending for the last four years. Why does it take a Supreme Court four years to settle a case? The people who were taken in by the Hajj Ministry were paid back by the Pakistani taxpayer’s money and the true thieves have slipped away, but the honourable judge handling the case is least bothered, and is showing no urgency in bringing the culprits to justice, may I ask why? Even though Hajj is one of the most sacred Muslim activity and anyone found cheating in this should be prosecuted immediately and made into a lesson to be remembered for ages.

Interestingly, all the cases taken up by the CJ in the last six years, except for the case involving his son, which was resolved within six months, most of the others are pending!


Peshawar, August 3.