General Abdel Fatah al-Sissi seems furious at the US for being unsupportive of his regime, something which he vowed the people will never forget. There is another statement coming from leader of the Al-Qaeda Aymen al-Zawahiri. He has posted an audio message online, where he is seen pointing a finger at the US for overthrowing the Morsi government.

At present, the country finds itself in a whirlpool of violence largely politically motivated and it would have to itself take control of the situation.

The US has reportedly told the military regime to be cautious while coping with the public anger and reproached it from resorting to arbitrary measures that have recently resulted in the deaths of over 140 demonstrators.

Having said that if it wasn’t in his ability to set things right, General Sissi should have let the Morsi government continue his rule and hopefully by standing side by side could have done his country a lot of good. He first disrupted the nascent root of democracy over promises of cleaning up the mess, alongside promises of early elections but ultimately has ended up throwing his people in a worse phase.

Those of Eqypt’s problems that are home-grown require home-grown solutions. First and foremost, the will of the people is quite obvious that they favour democracy, which they now take as something that made them bid farewell to the Mubarak regime.

On the other hand, General’s Sissi, although he stated in an interview that he had no intention of sticking onto power indefinitely, reports are that he is trying his best to perpetuate his hold; he is even reported to be stage-managing sham protests and demonstrations in his own support, so as to cite them as proof of his popular following. For Egypt’s dark hour to be over, the people themselves would have to stand for democracy, yet again.