Sukkur jail is home to many dreaded prisoners and the moving of terrorists to Sukkur must have been kept top secret. It is unfortunate that the attackers were able to nose out sensitive information. Such a movement of terrorists or criminals cannot be rendered without the help of local police and particularly the jail staff that is prone to bribes and intimidations. It seems that terrorists after blasts wanted to invade the ISI office but they failed to do so. Were they really terrorists? Locals say that intelligence agencies are operating against dacoits as the dacoits in interior Sindh are well armed, well organised and often have a back-up from across the border. It is a well known fact that dacoits of this area are in touch with foreign agencies that use them to transfer arms and ammunition and that’s why the ISI or other agencies are always in hot pursuit against the dacoit-terrorists in interior Sindh.

Learning lessons from such experiences, our intelligence agencies should set their house in order. Secondly, there has to be awareness on national level; we need to work toward bring a change in the mindset of the nation and bringing honest and dedicated and patriotic officials on all levels of our government to avoid such incidents in the future.


Jamshoro, July 25.