KARACHI - Pollution and sewerage problems have not even spared the Karachi University as filthy water supply system of the university is a recent example of such matter, to which, no attention has been paid for years. Apart from the university’s algae-infested water tank, which has not been cleaned for years, the deteriorated condition of water pipes speaks volumes of the official callousness.

The contaminated water has put the health of around 30,000 enrolled students and 600 to 700 university teachers at risk. Succinctly, the water supply system of the university is as messed up as that of the entire city. The water tanks which are not been cleaned for several years, seemed to be the stronghold of insects. The pipes were all covered with rust and wild shrubs spread wildly. As well as, in varsity’s residential area one can easily observe the water pipe-lines are mixed with those of sewerage.

“It is the lethargic act of varsity’s administration and there is no serious attention paid towards this alarming issue. We are compelled to drink this filthy water, as we cannot buy mineral water for our daily use,” an official told The Nation, on condition of anonymity. “The tank has not been cleaned for the last three years. Besides, the badly corroded pipes are one of the main reasons for water contamination,” he added.

Though filters have been installed at some of the departments, but still, teachers prefer not to drink water from it and bring boiled water from their homes. Whereas, most of the students are unaware of the whole scenario as they merrily use such filthy water to quench their thirst.

However, Registrar and Professor Environmental Sciences, KU, Dr Moazzam Ali Khan had recently made a research on contaminated water supply in Malir Town, in which it is mentioned that government should take serious adequate measures to resolve this outstanding issue. Whereas, it is a complaint of the varsity’s staff that Dr Moazzam shall focus on university’s improper and filthy water supply prior to diverting his attention towards other areas of the city.

Talking to The Nation, Dr Moazzam said, “it is an allegation against us that we are not focused on varsity’s sewerage problem and we are, time to time, improving the sewerage system of KU and it cannot be done overnight. We have imposed ‘rain emergency’ in the KU and many officials are appointed for this purpose. We are working sincerely and it can be observed,” he added.

Although numerous promises and some little efforts are made on this issue by the incumbents but still this alarming issue is getting older and older. Appropriate practical steps are needed to solve this problem. Meanwhile, Administrator West, Sajjad Ahmed Memon has directed the staff to perform their duties with dedication and ensure 100 per cent attendance. He was chairing a meeting of the officials of different sections of the DMC West at his office here, said a statement on Tuesday. He directed the staff to use all available resources to improve sanitary conditions and no negligence will be tolerated in this regard and the negligent officials will have to face strict departmental action. He directed all sections to maintain the machinery and develop a concerted strategy to facilitate the people to resolve their civic-services related problems.