ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Industries and Production Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi and Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan on Tuesday met with the farming community/stakeholders to discuss the disbursement of Rs20 billion subsidy on Phosphatic & Potassic Fertilizers, specifically diammonium phosphate (DAP).

According to a handout, the Minister for Industries briefed the participants on the implementation of a substantive subsidy package which will give relief to farmers all across Pakistan. He stated that a mechanism had to be evolved to ensure that the subsidy actually reaches the farmers. He also mentioned that the Government of Pakistan announced in the federal budget 2015-16 to give subsidy of Rs 20 billion on Phosphatic / Potassic Fertilizers. 

Various proposals were discussed to reach consensus on a viable arrangement that ensured transparency as well as high visibility and enforcement of the initiative. The Ministry reiterated that pricing must be made prominent and transparent by all fertilizer companies and they must ensure provision of updated price lists to dealers who will guarantee their prominent display.

Moreover, any change in price will be communicated by companies to provincial governments and National Fertilizer Development Centers (NFDCs). The Minister stressed that companies need to make sure dealers refrain from overcharging and appropriate action must be taken against dealers who have overcharged farmers.

The Minister also added that the Ministry of Industries and Production and Ministry of National Food Security & Research will encourage maximum number of importers and producers to maintain supply thrust.

He also hailed efforts by all parties in working towards a long-term direct mechanism to disburse subsidies to farmers by registering farmers and such deliberations will pave the way for independent and successful Pakistani farmers.