It seems that drama has become synonymous with politics in Pakistan, especially when it involves a jab at a political leader’s family. Recently, Sahir Rehman (Khan?), the son of Reham Khan and step-son of Imran Khan, wrote an article discussing the ever popular findings of the Judicial Commission report. Like any brash and ambitions 20 to 21-year-old in this country, he voiced his opinion on what he thought in an article published by a Pakistani newspaper. What he probably did not foresee was outright uproar from the leaders of the PML-N and MQM. The young writer, not even out of college yet, has been accused by the old men of Pakistani politics of unfairly influencing public opinion.

Talal Chaudhry, a highly recognised PML-N leader said the PTI chief has used his stepson to express his own point of view. For him the article is a statement of both the parents. For really, how could a boy his age, especially one who is a ‘British national and hardly knows our culture and politics’ write something legible? Furthermore, how dare he (or Imran and Reham, the nifty ghostwriters)! Chaudhry has been on a roll. He has predicted that Imran Khan wants to make his wife and children heir to the leadership of the PTI, with Reham Khan only marrying him because she was interested in politics.

Did no one from the party advise the PML-N leader from Faisalabad that making such accusations and assumptions about something so trivial will only make people read Sahir Khan’s article... that such articles about the JC report were a dime a dozen this past week? If his words are actually the words of the great Khan, then Chaudhry’s outburst has only helped the cause of PTI parents. He just needs to wait and see how many Insafians now come out to defend the Khans, regardless of the quality of the article.

Sahir Khan: a hidden messiah that will overthrow all. Seems a laughable idea. And even if he does join politics in the future, why should he not if he wants to? If the Bilawal Bhuttos and Hamza Shahbazes of the world can be politicos, why not Reham’s son?