According to a press report, majority of leading political leaders are suffering from multiple diseases such as heart ailment, stress depression. diabetic, back pain, kidney infections, psychiatric illness, insomnia drinking addictions etc besides these body diseases, they also have moral illness, such as telling lies without any remorse and feeling no shame, robbing taxpayers money using it for personal glorification, taking commission from companies for awarding mega projects, spending huge amount on personal security, discarding merit while appointing head of state institutions and organisations, misusing power for personal business, befooling the people in the name of democracy, while having no democratic attitude and norms, preaching virtue of Islamic teaching, but not practicing any.

There is total contradiction in talk and action, glaring example of hypocrisy every day, evident in what they say and what they do at the expense of the countries decline. How unfortunate is my country! How can a sick body have a healthy mind? It is imperative that a medical, mental and physical certificate be produced, by those who want to contest election and want to be politicians. It is in the national interest


Lahore, July 25.