Muslims living in Europe must stop protesting against the ban on veils and, instead, follow the host country’s laws and regulations for this would be in their advantage. In Germany, France, and some other European countries, anti-Muslim protests had called for expulsion of Muslims if they showed reluctance to follow “the rules of the land”. In Switzerland, the government enacted a law as a result of referendum that endorsed a ban on veiling.

Though some countries like Canada grant religious freedom to ethnic communities, they too face pressure from other states to regulate their rules. Muslim protests against the ban on veiling are awakening a clash of civilisation which will bring damage to third world Muslim countries whose economy largely depends on Western Economic giants. Pakistanis settled abroad bring revenue to our country and are thus integral to the economy. If they are forced to leave, Pakistan’s economic stability will be curbed. Thus Pakistanis should learn to abide by rules and regulations.


Sialkot, July 26.