“A monster of delusion: For two hours Blair dissembled and denied in the face of Chilcot’s devastating verdict. Then, with sickening egomania, he declared he couldn’t say sorry for Iraq... because he’d do it again” [Daily Mail].

The Chilcot verdict declared that Saddam Husain posed no imminent threat at the time of invasion in 2003. Policy on Iraq was based on ‘flawed intelligence and assessment’. There was no substantiated proof that Saddam was developing weapons of mass destruction. The report further says that the decision of marching into Iraq was done in a haste without appropriate planning, homework and intelligence support, which caused a colossal loss of human lives on both sides. Consequences of the invasion were highly under-estimated and the planning for post-Saddam conditions was ‘wholly inadequate’. The Chilcot investigation is comprehensive and comprises 2.6 million words in 12 volumes.

Saddam Husain was undoubtedly a dictator who ruled its people by fear and fright. There was no freedom of expression and political liberties under his reign. Nevertheless, Iraq was a peaceful country to live a common life. There were no bomb threats, had few check posts and people could travel to any part of the country without any fear of being kidnapped, shot or slaughtered. But two modern Nazis of the western world, saturated with cravings for human blood, had to execute some plans to achieve their vested economic and strategic interests in the Middle East. It was a post-9/11 world and Afghanistan had already been turned into rubble. They were enjoying UN’s and NATO’s support to perpetrate any adventure on a foreign soil, so they concocted a fictitious scenario, supported it with cooked intelligence and built a case against Saddam by accusing him of developing weapons of mass destruction.

The holy liberation forces ruthlessly swept across Iraq and bombed it back into the stone-age. They completely destroyed the civilian infrastructure, disbanded Iraqi armed forces, overthrew Saddam regime, arrested and later executed him by hanging. Anarchy, carnage and devastation all over the country created a power vacuum for non-state actors. Jihadists successfully suppressed by Saddam for decades now got breathing space and entered into the war theatre. American imperialistic ambitions and lust for redrawing Middle Eastern maps didn’t end here and they ignited another fire in the region, this time in Syria, by arming and sponsoring sectarian outfits to topple Bashar regime in a dirty proxy war. Iraq-based jihadi groups diverted their attention towards Syria that had already become a web of uncertainties due to complex sectarian warfare and proxy battles between the western powers. This worst human catastrophe gave birth to a monster called ‘ISIS’ that later became a nightmare for the whole world.

Both Bush and Tony have confessed that ISIS is the outcome of their Iraq misadventure. To be precise, ISIS exists on the face of the planet only because of these two egocentric warmongers of the western world. ISIS has become an unquestionable threat to the world peace. The organisation is extremely ruthless and very unforgiving. They have high ambitions to rule the entire world and establish their insane version of ‘Shariah’. Their recruitment is not localised but it is transcontinental. Quite recently they struck in the heart of five different countries; killed 50 in Orlando shooting, 45 in Turkish bombing, 292 in Baghdad car bombing, 7 in Saudi suicide attacks and they massacred 20 foreign hostages in Bangladesh. They are so coldblooded that didn’t even spare the Prophet’s (PBUH) holy mosque in Medina. Their viciousness has been condemned by the Al-Qaida itself that is a global terrorist organisation.

Today the planet is a dangerous place to live thanks to the double standards of the western world in defining and fighting terrorism. The world is familiar only with the Islamic terrorism which was always nurtured by the west itself. Osama bin Laden was an American hero during Afghan war against USSR. He was trained and equipped by the CIA to further their interests in the region. Afghan Taliban were also the sacred ‘Mujahedeen’ who were fighting for the greater cause against Soviet Union during Afghan jihad. After 9/11, these guys were instantly labeled terrorists and the coalition forces bombed Afghanistan to rubble, killing and paralysing millions of innocent humans, to carry out their long term strategic design of making Afghanistan a permanent American base.

As a matter of fact, not a single incident of suicide bombing took place in Iraq before the invasion in 2003. More than 1990 suicide attacks have taken place since the divine forces of Bush and Blair started gifting democracy to the Iraqi people. Britain withdrew its forces from Iraq in 2009 and by then more than a million innocent Iraqis had lost their lives including women and children. The paralysed and injured were in multi-folds. Millions fled their homes to look for life in neighboring countries. Such a gigantic tragedy in human history and Blair still believes he did the right decision of unleashing awar on Iraq and that he would do it again. After the Chilcot revelations, families of British soldiers are calling him “the worst terrorist” and demanding his trial for war crimes. Considering the gravity of his crimes against humanity, Tony Blair ought to be in jail either enjoying life imprisonment or awaiting a death sentence.

Famous quote “all humans are equal” is no longer valid in today’s polarised world. 2996innocentsvictims of 9/11 attacks were more sacred than a million killed in Afghanistan. 56innocent lives of 7/7 incident were more prestigious than a million Iraqi lives. A very rare terror attack in the western world and it gives an impression as if whole of humanity is under attack. People of all continents come on the streets offering prayers and burning candles to show solidarity with the victims. But hundreds die every day in the Middle East either by the ruthless bombing of the holy coalition forces on urban areas or by the bomb blasts carried out by the terrorist organisations that came into existence due to the evil policies of the west, and it all goes unnoticed.

Terrorism has become a Muslim monopoly and the roots are traced back to the capitals of the western world. Chilcot is the most recent and the strongest revelation of US and UK’s deception of the Iraq war.