ISLAMABAD - Chairman PTI Imran Khan yesterday said that Prime Minister was not answering to the legitimate questions asked by the nation regarding his family’s wealth stashed at Panama.

Pakistan stands at the critical crossroads of the history where people need to step out of their houses to back PTI’s “Tehrik-e-Ehtesab” being launched on August 7 from Peshawar, he said and added: “It is critical that people from all walks of life and especially the professionals should come forward and mobilise the nation against corruption and for the better future.”

Addressing an event organised by Insaf Professionals Forum here in Islamabad, he said that he had no choice but to stand on the container for a protest at the age of 63 and in this hot season over the Panama Leaks. PM Sharif had openly defied the nation as well as the parliament when he refused to address the legitimate concerns of the nation regarding revelations made in the Panama Leaks.

The contrasting statements of members of Sharif family, he added, describe the state of affairs about the purchase of properties in London and investments made in offshore companies at Panama. He further stated that the revelations made by the most credible consortium of global investigative journalists need no further investigations since the information is already established through many sources. However, he said this is the time to hold him accountable for what he has done to the country and the nation.

PM’s resistance to the investigations under TORs framed by the opposition ushers to the strongest feeling of guilt he has as he is aware of the offence he has committed against the nation.

He further added that PM Sharif and his family couldn’t think of hiring an apartment in London with the income he had declared about the respective years. In addition his own contradictory stances over Panama Leaks has vindicated the impression that money invested/ stashed abroad is stolen from the national exchequer and laundered subsequently.

PML-N’s unusual lust for mega projects, he said, is nothing but a source to steal major portion of wealth approved for the projects in order to feed their offshore companies. An audit of projects like Orange Train and Metro Bus would divulge how Sharifs loot national wealth and send it offshore. He categorically stated that time has come that we seek answers from Sharifs and hold them accountable. “Corruption at its lower level causes inconvenience for the people however corruption at the top ruins the system and resultantly destroys the nation,” he said adding that the nation would keep on sinking into the debt if it didn’t stop the rulers from looting.

An independent and credible NAB, he said, is inevitable uproot corruption and this was the scheme major countries like Singapore adopted to deal with menace.

Shedding light upon the forthcoming protest movement against the government, Imran said he will mobilise the masses and take political forces along to force PM for investigation. PTI wants to take all political forces along and would be approached in this connection, he added.

He has spoken to JI Ameer Siraj ul Haq, he told the audience and invited patriotic elements within the ranks and files of the ruling PML-N to join him in his cause against corruption, transparency and rule of law in the country. We will give one more chance to the government to conveniently address the nation’s concerns and will not get off the streets if it chooses otherwise. We are starting our march from Peshawar this Sunday and from Rawalpindi to Islamabad next where I will announce the future of this historic movement, he added.