Pakistan is a country which has been victimised by its own policy makers. Though many state institutions and bureaucracies have tarnished its reputation over the years, the state’s well directed foreign policy may promise a better future ahead. Pakistan has, over the years, strengthened ties with the upcoming economic super power, China. What began simply as an ‘amicable’ relationship between the two states in 1950 has now developed into an unbreakable bond which is more than six decades old. Many steps were taken by the two sides to build upon relations during this period. An integral one was the opening of the Karakoram Highway, in 1978, which connected the mountainous Northern Pakistan with Western China and promulgated trade relations. China also provided a sense of security to Pakistan in a time when it was much needed. In 1986, Pakistan and China reached a comprehensive nuclear cooperation agreement. In 2002, China came to the economic aid of our country and provided $198 million for the development of the Gwadar sea port which became a joint project of the two countries. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor Plan (CPEC) promises mutually assured advantage to the two states. Considering the prevailing circumstances of Pakistan, a strong friendship with China is our saving face thus our government must direct all their efforts towards sustaining it.

‘I feel as if I am going to visit the

home of my own brother.’

–Xi Jinping on Pakistan – April 2015.