During the ongoing PANAMA hearings by the SC, many a stalwart of the PML (N) leadership has hinted at going to the Awami Court who they claim had returned MNS with 2/3 majority. Just to be sure, I dug up some of the old newspapers and found the following: 

Party Total votes bagged (May 12, 1 pm) 

PML-N 9,781,703, PTI 3,633,060, PPP 3,381,223, MQM 2,108,360, PML-Q 834,572, PML-F 610,906, JUI-F 278,636, JI 91,668 

The total number of the registered voters for the 2013 election was 86,194,802 

Thus PML (N) polled 9,781,703 / 86,194,802 X 100 = 11.35 per cent which is not even simple 51% majority what to talk of 2/3rd majority. It is as simple as that out of 86,194,802 registered voters a very hefty number of 76,413,099 voters did not vote for it. 

Do they have any moral justification of going to them for the final decision? 


Rawalpindi, July 18.