LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has paid tribute to the martyred policemen.

In a message on Police Martyrs Day Friday, the CM said: “These martyrs are pride of the nation and they will be remembered ever.

He said: “The martyred policeman have written a new history of bravery and valor to make the motherland a land of peace. Their sacred blood is part of the struggle for making this country a bastion of peace and harmony. Their sacrifices will always remain a guiding light for the police force,”

Shehbaz went on to say: “The coward acts of the terrorists cannot weaken the courage of the brave police. He said that sacrifices of police martyrs have given new passion and determination to jawans and officers and every jawan of Punjab police is fully alert for the protection of life and property of the people. “

“Due to the sacrifices of police force, peace has been restored in the country today. These great sacrifices of police martyrs will not go down the drain and they will always be remembered. Taking care of families of police martyrs is our responsibility and we will continue all-out support to these families as a prime duty. Punjab government is with the heirs of police martyrs and shall always continue to stand with them,” concluded the CM.

Our Staff Reporter