I have been driving for more than a decade in Islamabad / Rawalpindi now and have noticed some interesting rules of driving which I believe would apply to almost all urban areas of Pakistan. 

If I am overtaking someone, s/he should slow down and let me overtake, but if someone is overtaking me I will not allow him/her to do so as it’s an insult to me. 

If I am flashing headlights/honking horn, the drivers in front of me should immediately give way to overtake but if someone behind me is doing same then s/he is stupid and I would definitely not give way. 

I would prefer stuck up in traffic at signals for hours but would not slow down and allow pedestrians to cross roads, even over the zebra crossing. 

If my car broke down midway then I expect people to understand and slow down and don’t honk horns but if someone else car is broken down, I will make sure that I remind him/her never to stop the car at road even if is broken down. 

If I am driving in fast lane then all behind me should be patient and follow me, but in case someone is in front of me in fast lane s/he should understand that fast lane is for driving “fast”. 

If I have to go too fast lane for a u-turn the people in fast lane should cooperate as I have given indicator to turn right, but if I am in fast lane and someone trying to come in this line for a u-turn or whatever, I must not give him/her a chance as there are many behind me who could be ‘more’ considerate. 

If I have to take a U-turn the traffic from another side should slow down and let me move, but if I am in fast lane and someone is taking u-turn then s/he should wait as long as there is no vehicle in fast lane 

I promise that I will try to change this habit and would respect other drivers and hope every one of us could start thinking that we should not do the things which we hate others to do. 


Islamabad, July 15.