MIRPUR (AJK) - Speakers at a seminar emphasised efforts to ensure peace across the world especially with the early end to human rights violations and people’s genocide in Held Kashmir and Mideast.

The roundtable on ‘’ Unity of International Community: Peace in Middle East and Kashmir’’ was organised by PINPOINT Institute, Zcomms, IUF and Euphrates Institute in the capital, according to an official communiqué – released to the media here on Friday.

The media communiqué continued that the first session was focused especially on Peace in Middle East; Palestine, Syria and Yemen. Ambassador of Palestine Walid Abu Ali was the chief guest in seminar and Ambassador of Yemen in Pakistan Motahar Alashabi was the guest of honour, Fatima Raza from ISSI, Shamsuz Zaman, Air Commodore (R) Ghulam Mujaddid, Mrs. Janessa Gans Wilder the CEO and Founder of Euphrates, USA, Amb (R) Prof Dr Amir A Shahdani and Senator (R) Dr Saeeda Iqbal were guest speakers on the occasion. The session was presided by Tariq Khan, the chairman of PINPOINT Institute. 

The second session was on ‘’Kashmir Resolution and way for peace’’. It was presided by Mr Tariq Khan and Dr Ashraf Ali, Zcomms Executive Director Ershad Mehmood, Executive Director of CPDR Tooba Khurshid, Research Fellow of ISSI Mr. Tazeen Akhtar, Editor of Daily Azkaar were guest speakers.

They said that Middle East especially Palestine, Syria and Yemen are suffering very complicated and sensitive issues. Terrorism, sectarianism, extremism, radicalism, brutality and international human rights violation is escalating day by day. Bombing and killing of innocent Palestinian, Syrian and Yemeni People is the violation of human rights. Middle East has geographic strategic importance in the region and is being considered as the heart of globe.

America, Europe and all regions have strategic interests in the region but they are dividing Muslims on the base of sectarianism and in the name of terrorism. The Muslim leadership can save and bring peace and prosperity in the region but they have their own political interests, they said. The deteriorating situation in Middle East is the failure of Muslims, they said.

The international community must put the pressure and raise voice for peace in region and disclose the matter of international conspiracies in the region, they said.

The Ambassador of Yemen said that due to the combination of corruption, bad governance by the 33 years Saleh regime produced poverty and unemployment, especially among youth, besides the lack of development. The government believes that a political solution is what will save Yemen and get it back on track to finish what had been accomplished since 2011.

Despite all that, the government is still keen on peace and is ready to accept proposed solutions that are in accordance with the three references; i.e. the Initiative, the NDC outcomes, and the relevant UNSC resolutions, especially resolution 2216. The government is bound to defend the principles stated in the constitution and safeguard the accomplishments of the 2011 youth revolution. It will also continue to be committed to fighting terrorism and violent extremism in all its forms and manifestations.

The government stands ready to engage positively and work with the international community and the new United States Administration to reach a comprehensive sustainable solution for the Yemeni crisis, he said. It further reaffirms its continued support for the efforts of the UN Envoy in this regard. Therefore, the Government will only accept a solution that adheres to the three references mentioned above, he said. Any solution which is not based on these references would only prolong the crisis and result in legitimizing the coup, he said. And that will destroy any hope for a new civil democratic state; one that could build the foundations of a just society where every citizen, he said.

The Chief Guest of session, Ambassador of Palestine, H.E Mr. Walid Abu Ali said that before the division of subcontinent, in 1988, Palestinian Grand Mufti met with Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal in Lahore who showed endless great support to Palestine. We Muslims are being divided by our enemy. Masjid Al Aqsa is our first Qibla and Israel is violating basic rights of innocent Palestinian people through pellets, bullets and banning in Masjid, he said.

“Middle East issue is because of Muslim Leaders who have their own interests. International community is witnessed of human rights violation in Palestine by Israel. It has military capability and strong infrastructure supported by USA and allies. They are supporting Israel to make good relations in Arab. Muslim countries have been divided through international conspiracies. Muslims are killing each other. Pakistan has ever great support to Palestine. I appreciate Pakistani forces and their support. It is dream of Palestinian people that Pakistan should come forward as super power and then we will be liberated by a great Muslim country. We have not peace with Israel unless it accepts the Palestine as independent state,” he said.

In second session, guest speakers said Kashmir and Palestine have same history and are on similar narratives. Pakistan is always standing with Kashmiri brothers and sisters. “India is following coward and timid policy regarding Kashmir. It has broken the record of brutal activity and human rights violation in Kashmir. Media, youth and International community should play a greater and positive role for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir. India is playing a game in the neighboring country to isolate the Pakistan internationally and to stop its struggle for Kashmir,” he said.

He added, “India has double face regarding Kashmir. It is not taking the Kashmir as issue and blaming the Pakistan to spread terrorism in Kashmir. Pakistan should take some solid and serious steps for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir instead to pass the old fashioned comments and condemnation.  Political leadership should be serious for Kashmir issue regardless of their any kind of personal interests in India,” he said.