It is heartening to note that the Government has set up a Committee for suggesting a name of near completed new Islamabad International Airport. Gandhara International Airport is the most suitable name for this new Airport. The foot print of the past that have given recognition to Gandhara civilization comprising modern day capital of Islamabad and Taxila. This region remained the capital of Gandhara civilization till 2nd century AD when the capital was moved to Peshawar. An important Buddhist shrine helped to make Takshasila (Taxila) city a center of pilgrimage until the 7th century. 

Gandhara civilization is noted for its idiosyncratic style of Buddhist art developed out of a merger of Greek, Syrian, Persian, and Indian artistic influence. The artists of Sub-continent owe much to Gandhara art that enabled them a high degree of expressiveness. Therefore dedicating a modern transport infrastructure to a culturally rich region of Gandhara civilization will attract tourism. 


Islamabad, July 15.