KARACHI - The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) city council unanimously passed a resolution in which it protested against supply of sewage mixed water to people and demanded stern action against those who are responsible for this

The council also appealed to government to ensure supply of clean drinking water to citizens.

The council members while expressing their views on this resolution called for handing over of KW&SB to Mayor Karachi as they expressed great concern that water board officials were not doing their duty and putting the people’s lives in danger.

The general meeting of the council was held on Friday in the Council Hall of KMC Building which was chaired by the Deputy Mayor Dr Arshad Abdullah Vohra.

A total of 10 resolutions were approved on this occasion out of 5 were approved unanimously and remaining got approval through majority votes.  

The council also validated minutes of its meetings held on 9th and 16th May 2017.

The resolutions which were passed unanimously included nomination of council members for vacant seats of the committees of KMC Council, naming of railway flyover near Sir Syed Engineering University after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, awarding of contract for printing, distribution and IT Services of bills of Municipal Utility Services Charges and condemnation of insulting attitude of DMC West Administrator with the elected union council chairman and vice chairman and demand for taking legal action against such behaviour.

The other resolutions which were passed with majority votes included proposals on increase in various contracts of veterinary department, cancellation of KMC resolution No37 dated 27 October 2015 and No39 dated 17 November 2015 regarding solid waste management and all orders issued by former administrators on solid waste management, establishment of recreational educational family park, commercial complex facility at the coastal belt, demand for ban on manufacturing, sale and purchase of plastic bags and if it was already prohibited than strict implementation of such orders and approval of settled matters between KMC and Sindh Balochistan Bus Owners regarding Yousuf Goth Terminal.

The members who expressed their views on above resolutions included parliamentary leader Aslam Shah Afridi, Opposition leader Karamullah Waqasi, Junaid Mukati, Arif Khan Advocate, Comrade Jaskani, Aman Khan Afridi, Hanif Surti, chairman veterinary services committee Syed Muzammil Shah, chairman MUCT committee Rahat Hussain Siddiqui and others.