BAHAWALPUR - The local government representatives said that Cholistan has always been remained the embodiment of neglect and deprivation despite the fact it is two-third part of Bahawalpur division which has 11 National Assembly and 22 Punjab Assembly constituencies.

Addressing a press conference at Bahawalpur Press Club, Union Councils chairmen - Roy Sharif, Mian Mushtaq Ahmed, Allah Ditta Parhar, Abdur Rehman Naich, Bashir Salla and Afzal Langah said that in Bahawalpur division, there are 11 seats of MNAs and 22 of MPAs but Cholistan does not have its representation at any of the seat.

They said that the area lacks basic facilities. They added that due to drought in Cholistan during the days of census, a large number of Cholistanis migrated either to river banks or other districts. They said that immunity awarded to Cholistan Development Authority (CDA) by court is not being implemented. They alleged that the CDA's legal wing is performing nothing to protect the rights of the institution rather it is more interest to provide shelter to the usurpers.

They said that the Chief Justice of Pakistan has also declared the CDA's performance disappointing as there is no town planning and water channel in the area for irrigation. They said that the CDA is an independent institution according to the law and not a subsidiary of Planning and Development Department and Board of Revenue. "But decisions made unanimously in the CDA meetings are not implemented," they regretted.

They demanded that implementation of CDA Act in ture spirit and allocated one National Assembly and two Provincial Assembly seats for Cholistan from Fort Abbas to Sadiqabad.