United States President Donald Trump has always been in news for his tweets and internet has a great response every time.

But this time, the largest online retailer Amazon has come up with something very creative yet hilarious.

Amazon is selling toilet paper with the US President's tweets printed on it.

The retailer, Toilet Tweets, describes the toilet paper as ‘A collection of ten of Donald Trump’s most flushable tweets printed throughout a roll of 2-ply toilet paper. No twitter feed is as deserving of being flushed, it’s tremendous. I’m hearing other toilet papers don’t even have words on them, SAD! This toilet paper has the best words.’

Surprisingly, Amazon ran out of the product yesterday but is working on re-stocking it soon.

All the printed tweets on the paper are the most controversial statements made by Trump.

Not only this product but there is another type of toilet paper sold by Amazon with the President’s face printed on it and a Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker to ‘fill your bathroom with Donald Trump’s voice.’