LAHORE : The Pakistan  Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) on Friday unveiled ‘People’s NAP’, a simple version of the 20-point National Action Plan for ordinary people.

People's NAP was shared by PILDAT at a public forum that was addressed by Mujeeb ur Rahman Shami, editor-in-chief of Daily Pakistan; Lt-Gen (r) Moinuddin Haider, former governor of Sindh and former interior minister of Pakistan; Marva Khan, teaching fellow at the Lahore University of Management Sciences and Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, president of PILDAT.

The forum was attended by Habeeb Akram, Rauf Tahir, Hafeezullah Niazi, Dr Murad Ras, Vikas Hassan Mokal, Waheed Gul, and Azma Bukhari.

Giving an overview of People's NAP, Ahmed Bilal Mehboob stated that it explains in detail each of 20 points of the National Action Plan. Each point highlights the role and responsibilities of each stakeholder, including governments, parliament and provincial assemblies, citizens and CSOs in implementation of NAP.

Shami highlighted NAP's importance as a consensus document and expressed his dismay at a lack of progress on criminal justice reform.

Lt-Gen Moinuddin Haider termed NAP a constant struggle, saying that terrorists had been trained for thirty years therefore they could not be rooted out in two or three years. He however appreciated the strides made by the Punjab government in implementation of the National Action Plan. Marva Khan highlighted a lack of proper connection between the State and the Society as an important problem in implementation of NAP. Waheed Gul, speaking at the public forum, called for a national consultation with all stakeholders for effective implementation of NAP. Azma Bukhari said that Pakistanis should rise above political differences or institutional affiliations and put Pakistan first. She stated that Pakistan's territory should not be allowed to be used for foreign interests.

The National Action Plan serves as a landmark consensus blue print for combating terrorism and violent extremism in Pakistan. The 20-point NAP has been described, both by the civil and military leadership, as the most important roadmap for the struggle against terrorism in the country. It is in view of the high importance of the NAP and questions about its progress of implementation that PILDAT has undertaken this citizens initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to highlight the necessity of federal and provincial governments publicly sharing periodic status of implementation of the NAP. PILDAT strongly believes that a greater transparency and more frequent public reporting on the progress of implementation will promote public confidence in the governments and their ability to effectively implement the NAP.

PILDAT's objective in sharing the People's NAP is that through greater understanding and ownership, citizens will be able to play a more effective and proactive role in supporting the implementation status of NAP at the federal and the provincial levels.