ZAFARWAL - At least seven people were booked and fined Rs0.5 million during a crackdown on power pilferers in Zafarwal tehsil here the other day.

The crackdown was conducted under directives from Gepco Xen Hafiz Shahid Imran. Circle 1 SDO Usman Hassan, Circle 2 SDO Saddam Hussain and Circle 3 SDO Shehzad Ali took part in the operation. They got power theft cases registered against seven people including Irshaad of Jarpal, Basahrat of Kakkay Wali, Fateh Muhammad of Tarapur Tibba, Mushtaq Ahmed of Muttna Wali, Mukhtar Ahmed and Qaisar Ahmed of Mandialla.


The main road in suburban village Niki Gujran was washed away during the recent flood in a canal. It could not be reconstructed despite the lapse of three days. The flood also affected rice field. People are faced with difficulty due to destruction of the road. They have been restricted to the village and are unable to reach their destinations for business.

They demand early reconstruction of the road.