RAWALPINDI - Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Friday accused Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s supporters and a local leader of attacking his residence, Lal Haveli.

However, the city police chief, the Waris Khan Station House Office and the PML-N leader denied that the Lal Haveli came under attack.

It was also reported that Ahmed was not present at Lal Haveli at the time of what he claimed the attack.

According to Ahmed and his nephew, some 300 workers of PML-N wielding sticks and weapons stormed the Lal Haveli. They alleged that the attackers were part of a rally taken out by the PML-N Union Council-45 Chairman Sardar Sultan Mehmood for mustering public support for former prime minister Nawaz Sharif ahead of his proposed visit to Lahore via Motorway.

They said that they would approach the police for legal action.

On the other hand, Mehmood denied the allegations saying he had arranged the rally to warm up his workers to accord a warm welcome to the former prime minister upon his arrival on the Motorway on August 6. "Sheikh Rasheed himself orchestrated the attack drama on Lal Haveli to earn public sympathy," he said.

City Police Officer Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi also denied that Lal Haveli was attacked by anybody. He said that a well-equipped police guard is performing security duty at Ahmed’s residence round the clock. He denied that any PML-N worker even pelted a stone at Lal Haveli.

SHO Waris Khan Chaudhry Riaz said that there was no truth in Sheikh Rasheed’s claim that Lal Haveli was attacked by the PML-N league workers.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Shafique, the nephew of Sheikh Rasheed, has filed an application with the Waris Khan Police Station against the attackers. Sheikh in the application alleged that he was being threatened by unknown quarters after the disqualification of former prime minister Sharif in the Panama Leaks case.

He said in the application that ex-PM Sharif, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Abid Sher Ali would be held responsible if he (Sheikh Rasheed) was harmed.