PESHAWAR -  Elders of a “grand tribal jirga” from the North Waziristan Agency (NWA) on Friday warned that the respective tribal people would besiege the house of Ayesha Gulalai, if she failed to come up with proofs about the allegations she levelled against the PTI Chairman, Imran Khan.

Speaking at a news conference at Peshawar Press Club, Malik Jalal said that Ayesha Gulalai yet not presented any proof regarding the allegations she levelled against Imran Khan.

Taking strong exception over attaching her with a tribal society, he said, Gulalai neither belonging to Waziristan nor is a tribal woman, because whatever she had done during the last four days couldn’t be expected from a tribal woman, he added.

The tribal elder also said that she even don’t know about the South and North Waziristan Agencies, because she hasn’t had a residence in either of the tribal agency.

Jalal said that in a respectable tribal family nobody allow her daughter or sister to show-up before media or irrelevant people. But, Shams-ul-Qayyum, father of Ayesha Gulalai used her daughter for the sack of money, he alleged.

He demanded to conduct an impartial inquiry against Shams-ul-Qayyum for taking bribes on the head of his daughter by using her position, and also to expose that how much money Qayyum did receive for levelling baseless allegations on Imran Khan and insulting Pakhtuns and tribal women.

Flanked by tribal elders, Haji Shamat Khan, Haji Loyar Khan Wazir, and others, Malik Jalal said Ayesha’s statement about sending inappropriate and offensive messages by Imran Khan on her mobile was not only insulted Pakhtuns, but also disgraced to a large number of women workers affiliated with Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.

He also asked Ayesha Gulalai to stop calling her Pakhtuns or tribal woman. Malik Jalal demanded from Ayesha Gulalai to present her Blackberry mobile to clear her position immediately or face action as per tribal traditions.

Gulalai after levelling allegations against Imran Khan lost respectable place in the hearts of people of the country.

The tribal elders also sought a probe into the funds collected by Ayesha Gulalai during her foreign visits in the name of establishing a modern hospital, besides she must be held accountable for fundraising campaigns in Dubai and Qatar, he added.

He also asked Gulalai to resign as Member National Assembly (MNA) forthwith after quitting Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, because the seat was allotted on PTI’s reserved women quota to her.

Malik Jalal said that PTI had given due respect to her beyond her status and made her as Member of the National Assembly on served seat.

He also asked her to tender apology before the respective tribal people and entire nation for introducing a dirty-mind woman in politics.