It is already clear about the dilemmas of women in the society of Muslim. Majority of the Muslim women are to face the atrocities done by their husbands after which if the wives turn towards the courts of men qazis, they tell them to bear it; either they (the qazis) themselves are involved in such circumstances in their houses or they get hands from those who do such criminality activities. As the step taken by a non-Muslim state India who is training Muslim women as qazis in their society, Pakistan, being a full Muslim country should adopt it. We see the women are forcefully married to unwanted men who later on brutalize them. We find fewer rights and discussion about women and their rights in such institutions. A step like this can motivate them to show their talent to the world. A silent request to the government is to provide such opportunities to the women who can do better for the women than the men qazis.


Turbat, July 17.