KAMALIA-Assistant Commissioner Shahid Nadeem Rana led a crackdown on profiteers here the other day. He inspected various grocery stores, vegetable and fruit stalls and other shops in the city and imposed heavy fines on the shopkeepers found guilty of violating of the official pricelist. On the occasion, AC Shahid Nadeem Rana said that action against profiteers was being taken on a daily basis. "We will not allow any person to implement self-crafted prices," he declared, and adding that implementation of the official price list would be ensured at all cost.


A combined search operation was conducted at Bashir Colony, Kamalia by a team of City police officials and other security departments.

During the operation, 30 houses were combed and documents of 52 people were checked. However, no suspicious person was arrested during the search operation.

On the other hand, a checking team of Kamalia City police apprehended a man namely Zeeshan for recklessly driving a truck. The police filed a case against the driver.

TLP holds workers' convention

NOORPUR THAL-Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) held a workers convention at Jamia Shamsul Quran where a large number of office-bearers and workers were present.

Allama Sher Muhammad Sialvi presided over the event while Pir Jan Muhammad and Pir Syed Muhammad Hussain participated as chief guests. Maulana Shafiq Nizami and Allama Habibur Rehman Sultani conducted the proceedings.

Addressing the convention, Allama Arshed Naveed Haidri and other speakers said that following the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is only way to have peace and prosperity in the world and the hereafter. The said at present the country was in the grip of capitalists and landlords as the poor masses were deprived of even the basic facilities of life.