KARACHI   -  Badal Do, the 21st century learning programme which earlier in the year saw graduation of over 400 Karachi-based teachers inculcating good social values, is all set to enter its second phase from August, 2018.

At the orientation ceremony of the programme held at Arts Council of Pakistan, the management of the 120 private schools enrolled in Phase-II of the programme were briefed about how the programme will unfold in their schools by their teachers to create a ripple effect in the community through students.

In the first phase, only private schools were included but in the second phase the founding team of Badal Do has also approached government-run schools. The key themes that will be focused on are: Reflective Thinking, Civic Responsibility, Cultural Engagement and Character Building.

“The programme aims at inculcating innovative and inclusive approaches in education and also aims at promoting inclusive and reflective practices as an essential skill in children to help them transform themselves into advocates of peace and social inclusion, diversity and tolerance in the classrooms and beyond,” a Badal Do representative explained.

While sharing her opinion on the Badal Do initiative, Rumana Hussain, who was one of the motivational speakers at the orientation ceremony, said that training of teachers would surely make future of our children bright.

“The management training is all about managing the entire system where we can change our society as well. It will create massive positive impact to improve our society and portray its positive image to the outside world,” she said.

Saba Khan, a teacher at a private school in the city who freshly enrolled in the programme, while sharing her expectations about Badal Do drive said that this campaign was all about character building superbly meant for both the teachers and students. “Our expectation is that this drive will create such an enabling environment which will be helpful in resolving current social issues,” she said.

Nasir Hussain, principal at a private school in Gulshan-e-Iqbal who also attended the orientation session, said they were quite hopeful that the Badal Do drive would come up to their expectations and would bring about positive change in the society.

“The most important feature here is the tag line of the campaign that says Badal Do for something better. We are quite hopeful that once the true spirit of this campaign is infused among our young generation then soon will get a better and peaceful society around us,” he said.

The Badal Do roll-out phase is spread over six months with school managements, parents, guardians, related community members and leaders included in it for the sake of broader community outreach.