KASUR-The polluted and foul drinking water in Kasur City and suburbs is reportedly causing contagious diseases among locals. "Poor sanitation is another problem for the people of Kasur district which is causing them to curse the authorities."

These views were expressed by speakers during speeches they made at a forum conducted under SPO and Water Aid here the other day.

They said that it had become a challenge for the administration to ensure the smooth supply and sanitation of water in the district. They were of the view that the District Council [DC] and the Kasur Tehsil Municipal Committee [TMC] must set aside some funds for a solution to the grave situation.

SPO Regional Coordinator Shah Nawaz Khan said that Pakistan was listed among the countries facing drastic shortage of water. "To tackle the situation, every citizen will have to play his due role," they pointed out. Representatives of the DC, the TMC and different government department opined on the occasion. After that, a seven-member committee was formed to overlook the situation and give opinions for a solution to it.

Former Kasur Bar Association secretary Ch Imtiaz Ahmed Burj, Good Thinkers Organization president Waqas Abid, Alpha Foundation's Syed Jawad Shah, and Councillor Mehr Jamshed Hussain attended the forum. They highlighted the importance of water.