After a huge gap of five years for recruiting on various posts Sindh Public Service Commission Adevertised cce-2018 and date of screening test was conducted on 12th May.

However, a few days before prescribed date a notification was promulgated by SPSC that the test would be conducted in diverse phases and a newly policy was introduced, including 50 multiple questions , each correct question would be equal to 2 marks and in case of wrong attempt 0.5 negative marks would be excluded, passing criteria would be 50%. Whereas in cce-2013 screening test there were 100 questions each question carried one marks and there were no negative marks on wrong questions, passing criteria was 41%. This dilemma inflicted and created frustration among ample aspirants. Besides, the test was held in five phases first test was conducted in Sukkur and Larkana the test was so easy as compared to test taken from other phases which depicted discrimination among aspirants.

Furthuremore, in every test more than three questions were comprised wrong, either certain questions had not correct options in question paper or double correct answers had been included which confused many aspirants. Keeping in view of this discrimination in test a protest was carried out in Hyderabad to either reconduct the test or SPSC reviewed its policy. The majority of aspirants demand that passing criteria should be reduced from 50 t0 40 and grace marks should be given on the basis of blunders in test. A commission should be made who look into matter so that many talented candidates can avail of it and may be able to appear in written exam.


Nawab Shah, July 14.