India has once again violated international law by firing cluster munitions on areas along the Line of Control (LoC). The situation only escalated after India had accused Pakistan of a cross-LoC incursion. India’s claim that it possesses bodies of Pakistani soldiers is far from reality, just like its earlier accusation of Pakistan’s involvement in Pulwama attack was.

We know that Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi created a war-like situation post-Pulwama attack to win elections in India. What is he up to this time? Why has the Indian government sent thousands of forces into the valley of Kashmir in recent days? Are the terror threats so severe that the Indian government has asked tourists to leave the valley? All these questions are interconnected and answers to these questions explain India’s belligerence.

Article 35 A of the Indian Constitution is the name of the game. Ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in 2014, some of the party ideologues want the government to scrap the said article. Article 35A confers upon the government of Jammu and Kashmir the ability to define permanent residents and give them exclusive rights and privileges concerning employment, acquiring immovable property, scholarships and other forms of aid in the state. Abrogating Article 35A and Article 370, from which the former inexorably flows, has long been an agenda of the BJP.

Therefore, it is not surprising if people of Kashmir panic when they hear about the possible abrogation of the Article 35A of the Indian constitution. The deployment of additional forces makes it clear that the government fears a Kashmiri uprising against any such political adventurism. However, the Indian government also understands that merely increasing troops in the occupied valley cannot keep people in their homes when it attacks Article 35 A.

Therefore, the Indian government felt the need to construct lies about Pakistan’s cross LoC intrusions and create a war-like situation. A tense situation on LoC with Pakistan will serve the purpose of curbing the dissent at home against BJP’s plan to abrogate the constitutional guarantees under Article 35 A. Therefore, it has also asked the tourists to leave the valley to further fuel the war flames.

While the BJP government is busy in political adventurism by toying with the domestic law, the Indian security forces, by firing cluster munitions, violate international law. If the world community takes no action, it is allowing regional security to worsen to the extent that a point of return will be impossible.