Nowadays, we blame “insufficient resources” of the country to be the real culprit behind the deplorable social, political, economic and religious condition of our people. We think that it is due to the paucity of resources in the country that we have not been able to achieve the desired pace of development, and accordingly, have failed to bring any sort of the positive change in our lives.

There are many countries in the world which, despite having insufficient resources at their disposal, have achieved praiseworthy progress both in terms of human development and establishing a non-discriminatory society. Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. are some of the countries which have achieved both physical and ethical progress living within their limited resources. I am of the opinion that both strong political and bureaucratic will are required to transform the lives of citizens of a country instead of putting the whole burden on the resources. Following a few things can easily be done without even involving a rupee.

The VVIP/VIP culture has shaken the foundations of the Pakistani society. Honestly speaking, we need zero resources for completely wiping out such culture from our ranks. We just need political will for that and nothing else. Do we need resources to control the growing menace of rising prices of daily use commodities in the country? Absolutely not. We just need the sincerity and commitment by the authorities concerned to hang all those persons who are found in this evil practice of undue and illegal profiteering.

We need no resources for eradicating the menace of corruption from our society. We just need to play the role of a neutral umpire and decide the cases of corruption on merit without really favoring to or fearing from anyone. We need no resources to uphold the virtues of merit and justice in our country. We just need to be God-fearing and honest in carrying out our duties in our respective fields. We need no resources to establish the principle of equality in our society. We just have to apply the law of the land with full vigor and sincerity. We need no resources to improve the deteriorating law and order situation in our country. We just have to fulfill our assigned official duties in a more responsible and honest manner.

We need no resources for establishing the principles of Unity, Faith, and Discipline within our ranks. We just have to shun all our petty ethnic and sectarian considerations. We need no resources for making ourselves morally upright and honest. We just have to follow the law of Almighty Allah in this regard. We need no resources for shunning the unnecessary material needs of this mortal world. We just have to be contended with what Allah has provided us. We need no resources for eliminating different prevailing discriminatory education systems within our country. We just need the will and determination in bringing uniformity within our that rotten education system. We need no resources in asking our “efficient SHOs” to be polite and courteous with the citizens whenever they come to police stations to lodge their genuine complaints.

There are scores of such other examples where we can correct things within our society without really making an expenditure of a single rupee. The only thing, however, is to have a will (especially political will) to get the things done.