LAHORE - Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said on Sunday he would be writing letters to American, British and European parliamentarians about Indian terrorism and atrocities in the Occupied Kashmir.  “We will show the world Narendra Modi’s real face,” he said while addressing a ceremony held to honour police martyrs and later talking to the media.

Sarwar said that after its diplomatic defeat at the internal front, India was now planning to turn Kashmir into Valley of bloodbath by killing innocent Kashmiris. He said that after the Pulwama attack, India met a humiliating defeat on the diplomatic front. “Now, we will not let India succeed in its plans. We will expose its true face to the world. For this, I will write letters to parliamentarians of the UK, EU, and the US and expose Indian atrocities and terrorism against Kashmiris. We will go on to lobby against India to stop it from committing atrocities against Kashmiris and resolve the Kashmir issue,” he remarked.

‘‘I will show world Modi’s true face’’

The governor said that US president’s offer of mediation on Kashmir issue had deeply hurt the Indian government. “Pakistan has always talked about peace and even today we want peace with all neighbouring countries. Pakistan is against war as we are in favour of solution of all contentious issues through dialogue. But India should not mistake our desire for peace as weakness. We all are united and we will not hold back from any sacrifice to protect our borders,” he warned. He urged the world powers to raise voice against Indian atrocities. “Violence should stop in Kashmir. We want to resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue by inviting attention of the international community towards Kashmir”.  Governor said that both Indian and Pakistan were facing identical problems and poverty was at the top of them. “We need to fight against poverty by diverting resources towards human development”, he said.

Talking about internal terrorism, the Governor said that security agencies played a pivotal part in the eradication of terrorism. “Despite limited resources at their disposal, our security forces have done a tremendous job”. 

He said thousands of martyrs sacrificed their lives to make the future of their country secure. He said that sacrifices of Punjab Police will always be remembered.  

“Sacrifices made in the war against terrorism by armed forces, intelligence agencies, police, and other law enforcement agencies are unprecedented. There is no match to this bravery in the world. We acknowledge that America is a superpower and it spent billions along with allies to establish peace in Afghanistan but it failed to defeat the terrorists. The armed forces and the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan, on the other hand, have set a new example by establishing peace in Pakistan.” He went on to say: “We want to convey to America that they should listen to Pakistan’s narrative and implement it, because, without the help of Pakistan, America cannot establish peace in Afghanistan. We are already playing our part in the Afghan peace process and we will continue to do so”.  He said government will help families of martyrs and all the issues of police will be resolved on top priority. He also vowed to make police and all other institutions including police free of political influence.