Quaid carved out a country where the Muslim majority could live in peace with members of other faiths, each enjoying equal opportunities and benefits based on merit in a modern democratic welfare state he envisioned. Unfortunately, what we witness is the exact reverse.

Tax reliefs for the affluent, while simultaneously increasing WHT for filers and non-filers investment in NSC is a mockery. While there is never-ending icing on the cake for a few, there is an increase in miseries for a vast majority. The irony is that the beneficiaries of gross injustices are less qualified than those who have been denied basic rights and opportunities in a country which claims to uphold Islamic concepts of justice.

Can anybody justify giving benefits to the rich, and those in power, at the expense of the poor? There are few post-retirement rehabilitation options for the common man, but public office holders get monthly pensions ranging from 2 Lakh to 5 Lakh. All the while highly qualified youth, including PhD, Masters and others specializing in various fields are unemployed or working petty jobs.

This never-ending abuse has accelerated brain drain, with disastrous consequences for the future of this crisis riddled country. The failures and embarrassment Pakistan faces today are because the State simply cannot appoint the right people for the job.

Today various vital state organizations involved in the distribution/production of power, boosting agriculture production, commercial aviation, road and rail transport industry, health, education, civil administration, etc are in a state of utter disarray. Pakistan’s commercial civil aviation industry stands downgraded just because of gross mishandling and mismanagement by those incompetent within the CAA and PIA. The railway is in shambles, education has become a business, the economy is in shambles and the health system is in a state of collapse, just to mention a few.