LAHORE        -    In response to PCB statement on registration of Cricket Associations (CAs) issued on Monday, the Movement for Restoration of Cricket and Associations (MRCA) spokesperson Tariq Sarwar vehemently controverted it and termed it as ‘unconstitutional’.  The MRCA spokesman on Tuesday said that the PCB statement is misleading and factually incorrect with no legal grounds on the highly important registration of Cricket Associations (presently only Northern Cricket Association is registered as society under Societies Registration Act 1860 in Islamabad).  Reiterated his stance, Tariq said: “In a well thought out careful response to PCB’s blatant lies, MRCA maintained that the PCB response on registration of Cricket Associations is not based on any logic, rules and laws governing this aspect.”  “There is no legal ground relying on which PCB has registered the Northern Cricket Association (NCA) as society under Societies Registration Act 1860. “The PCB response is just eyewash in an attempt to cover up its blunder, illegality, unconstitutional step and that too after almost 11 months of the promulgation of the PCB Constitution on 19th August, 2019,” he added.  He said that the MRCA believes that ‘adoption of temporary administrative arrangement for most time efficient, reliable and logistically convenient mechanism’ for registration of NCA has ‘no legal ground’ to justify an illegal, unconstitutional step the PCB took for stuffing the NCA with its 20 top officials including its COO, CEO, several Directors, GMs and others.  The MRCA spokesman accused the PCB and its management of misleading the people of Pakistan and trying to cover up their illegalities committed in their official capacity. “It is fair to judge the PCB as a law-breaking organization with its officials trying to mislead the people with wrong and spurious information,” he added.