ISLAMABAD         -       National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has started cleaning 22 out of 38 major drains (mullah) in Karachi on emergency basis. 

There are a total of 552 small and large storm drains in Karachi.  Prime Minister Imran Khan last week had directed the Pakistan army and NDMA to help in cleaning Karachi and under his directive cleaning of storm drains has been started in the city. 

NDMA teams along with Frontier Works Organization (FWO) reached Gujjar nullah to clear it before the start of fourth spell of rain in Karachi later this week. Heavy machines are being used to lift the trash and shift it to the city’s landfill sites.

The Sindh government has also taken responsibility of cleaning 19 drains. Lately, the Sindh government, Pakistan Army’s V Corps and NDMA unanimously decided to assign the work of removal of sludge of three storm-water drains to the FWO.

It was also decided that the provincial government with the support of the army and NDMA would remove encroachments from all drains in the city.

According to a press release issued by NDMA, a huge amount of sludge is already taken out of 22 major drains which are being cleaned at the moment. 

The FWO has removed 2052 tons of garbage only from Gujjar Nullah. With the help of 9 excavators, 40 dumpers and around 100 manpower the nullah is now cleaned. 

Korangi Nullah and Moach Goth Nullah are also thoroughly cleaned by FWO. These drains were cleaned with the help of 15 excavators, 2 loaders, 50 dumpers and around 110 labourers. “The FWO is cleaning the drains on a 24-hour basis,” said an official of NDMA. 

According to a NDMA press release, a total of 1192 tons of litter was taken out from Korangi Nullah whereas a total of 1120 tons of garbage was taken out Moach Goth Nullah by FWO. 

There are a total of 21 square points on the three major canals. Fourteen FWO teams are working to clean the drains. 

While cleaning the drains, deployed teams removed a total of 4,364 tonnes of garbage from drains yesterday.