ISLAMABAD - The participants of Kashmir National Consensus Conference hosted by Jamaat e Islami on Tuesday termed the incumbent’s government diplomacy on Kashmir as a failure of advocacy for the people of occupied Kashmir.

The participants of the conference demanded the government to come up with a concrete and strong policy on the Kashmir issue. 

While addressing the Kashmir National Consensus Conference Siraj ul Haq stated that the incumbent government should come up with a clear stance and policy on the matter of Kashmir; adding that changing the name of Kashmir Highway in Islamabad was a cosmetic move of the government which was beyond understanding.

He maintained that the government should immediately suspend the air operation with India and should announce a concrete and meaningful policy on Kashmir. 

The conference was participated by the political leadership of different parties including President Azad Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan and representatives of the Hurriyat conference.

Meanwhile addressing the Conference President Azad Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan said that Kashmir was slipping out of Pakistani hands and a single mistake on the issue will certainly threaten Pakistan’s sovereignty.

He further said that India had pushed Pakistan into the FATF matter and is asking the world openly to stay away from Pakistan; stating that occupied Kashmir can only be regained through Jihad and there was no other way to take Kashmir back from the Indian occupation.

He lamented that Pakistani state was responsible for the massacre of the Kashmiri people through the hands of the Indian Army; adding that freedom of Kashmir was not in sight in the near future.

On the occasion Senator Sajid Mir said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had done nothing for Kashmir and its people besides delivering a speech in the United Nations; adding that the incumbent government had failed to take up the Kashmir issue effectively. Abdullah Gul while addressing the conference said that the Kashmir issue cannot be resolved through releasing songs and Naghmas and the only way out to the matter was to fight a full scale war against the Indian Army in the valley.

On the other hand senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Syed Nayyer Bukhari said that war was not the way to resolve the Kashmir issue; adding that Pakistan needed a strong diplomacy and the incumbent government was incompetent to come up with a strong diplomatic move.

Mehmood Sagir leader of Hurriyat said that changing the name of Kashmir Highway was a move to take the young generation away from the Kashmir cause; adding that the political leadership of Pakistan should tell them clearly will they be able to resolve the Kashmir issue or not as the doubts and uncertainty in occupied Kashmir were increasing with every passing day.