Mr. Nawaz Sharif should think beyond Jaati Umra. If he does not, the chances are Mr. Zardaris PPP would devour his party with its discreet pre-poll rigging of using hundreds of billions of rupees of the Benazir Income Support Fund, Benazir Wassela-e-Haq, Workers Shares schemes, tractors, tube wells, etc, etc. As we all know, all these schemes are being funded out of the poor taxpayers kitty that is filled through extortionist tactics of ever increasing tariffs of utility services and taxes levied on everything that are ruining the ninety-percent poor of this country. This precious money sucked out of the veins of the poor is being squandered mercilessly on glitzy advertising campaigns in print/electronic media to glorify the PPP leaders. The question that needs to be asked here is that what right does the PPP and Mr. Zardari have of squandering this money on amassing political capital? Mr. Zardari reportedly has billions of dollars abroad. Why cant he promote these schemes on his own expense rather than using the public exchequer for them. Will the Public Accounts Committee headed by Chaudhry Nisar Ahmed, probe the corruption in this and save the countrys treasury from being ravaged? Let the SCP also take suo moto notice of this practice of exploitation of the public exchequer for boosting vote bank of a political leader of just one party. -MARYAM IBRAHIM, Mirpur, December 2.