KARACHI (APP) - Advisor to Chief Minister, Sharmila Farooqui has said that although Pakistan is the home of most beautiful and varied topography, yet the eco system is under threat. She said the situation was aggravating due to water scarcity, energy crisis, illegal cutting of trees, air, water and noise pollution, improper solid waste management and lacking conservation techniques. She expressed these views in a statement in connection with the International Volunteer Day for Social and Economic Development, celebrated world-wide on December 5. Volunteers for our planet is the theme for this year with a thrust to highlight the volunteers contribution to tackle climate changes and other environmental issues. Sharmila said that a number of environmental problems have cropped up during the last two decades which are global in scale but have direct impact on Pakistan too. She disclosed that about 55 percent of population has access to a relatively safe drinking water whereas approximately 35 percent have access to sanitation facilities. The Advisor stated that about 54,850 tons of solid waste is generated daily in urban areas and reportedly less than 60 percent is collected. Recent surveys conducted by Pakistan EPA revealed the presence of very high traces of suspended particulate matter in air (about 6 times higher them the WHO standard). She said that almost all fresh water reserves are severely polluted due to discharge of untreated industrial and municipal waste. Pollution of coastal waters due to waste discharge and oil spills coupled with reduced fresh water flows is resulting in declining fish yields, she said in a tone of concern. She called for collective efforts to help ensure environmental sustainability and urged the journalists to put in all efforts to build strong linkage for creating awareness among all tiers of society. Sharmila Farooqui hoped that their support and cooperation to the government efforts for achieving the goal of a healthy and clear environment.