I had appreciated the decision of administration of the Jalozi Camp at Mohmand Agency of shifting the 24, 000 IDPs from Mohmand to their hometown. The IDPs of the Kacha Garhi Camp, though, have been unhappy and have taken out a demonstration against their shifting to the Jalozi Camp. I think the authorities had taken this decision for the security of the Peshawar city so that if some terrorists have surreptitiously blended into people of the Kacha Garhi Camp, they can be netted by the security agencies. The government is requested to take adequate measures to provide all the IDPs of this Camp with a set allocation of funds for each family so that they can start their new life in the Mohmand Agency. In this long drawn, painful war, these people have lost even the mud houses they owned. They have nothing to go back to. -MURAD ALI MOHMAND, Peshawar, December 3.