While only the Pashtuns of NWFP are being targeted by the terrorists, the non-Pashtun areas like Abbotabad, Haripur, Mansehra, as well as Gilgit-Baltistan are somehow ignored in their terror campaign. That is curious because some of these areas also share boundaries with Shangla, Swat and Dir tribal areas that border Afghanistan. In Punjab, the DG Khan area, that merges with the D. I. Khan and FATA, is also spared. Is that deliberate or incidental? The contribution of Pashtuns in foreign policy of the country is practically zero. So no surprise that in the pre-planning discussions of the current 'AFPak policy of the Obama administration, the Pashtun political leaders were never even consulted. They have no influence whatsoever on the Punjabi-dominated establishment. Even the so-called representatives of Pashtuns, the ANP, have just 10 seats in the National Assembly in a total of 350 seats. That is 2.8 % of the whole and, thus, predictably ineffective. Pushtuns are so lacking in influence that they cannot even name their province themselves, whether they wish to be called Pukhtoonkhwa or whatever else. Whatever foreign power is running this war has somehow no qualms hitting the NWFP and does so with impunity everyday while it ignores the centers of power like Punjab. -DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI. Peshawar, December 3.