LAHORE - Dissociating themselves from party policies, the PPPs estranged couple, Dr Safdar Abbasi and Naheed Khan on Friday expressed their reservations over the way party was being run and decisions made in post-BB era. For the last two years, people have serious questions in their minds whether the party is still adhering to its basic manifesto or has it deviated from it, Senator Abbasi told media at the residence of old PPP worker, Dr Murtaza here at Faisal Town. Abbasi stressed upon partys top leadership to take what he called serious actions and implement the concept of self-accountability within the party to clear such doubts from the minds of party workers who wanted the party to revert back to its basics. Senator Abbasi said that PPP, which was a party of the masses, had now been restricted to drawing room politics. He said the PPP under its founder, ZA Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, had been doing politics of depressed sections of society and hence became popular among the masses. But this was not the case with PPP at the moment, he observed. The Senator held his party along with PML-N responsible for current political and economic mess in the country, saying they did not take steps for peoples welfare despite having majority in the Parliament. The issue of terrorism, he said, could have been overcome in the beginning had the two parties joined hands to tackle it at the right time. He said PPP could have revived its lost glory and credibility by doing away with the 17th Amendment and taking NRO in the Parliament immediately after the elections. But this did not happen, Abbasi deplored again. He said partys image could have been saved, had the NRO-beneficiary ministers and advisors resigned forthwith. Replying to a question, he said though President Zardari enjoyed immunity under Article 248 of the Constitution, yet he could be affected indirectly from the NRO if the same is struck down by the Supreme Court. He said Shaheed BB did not benefit from the NRO during her lifetime. Speaking on the occasion, Naheed Khan said that individuals did not matter in a democracy as everything was run under a system which must be strengthened. She said political vision of present PPP leadership was not as strong as it was during the time of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. She accused party leadership of not doing anything for the welfare of people despite having its own PM, President, Speaker, Chairman Senate and its own government in two provinces. For the first time, she added, the PPP got favourable circumstances, but it failed to get benefit from the situation. She said it was deplorable that BBs killers had not yet been traced. She expressed concern over PM Gilanis statement that Baitullah Mehsud killed Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, saying that it was irresponsible statement coming at a time when UN team was investigating into the case. She suspected that UN team was not being given the desired access to persons and information that could be helpful in the investigation. Naheed said that present government did commit certain mistakes, but still the time had not run out to improve party image if President Zardari surrendered his powers under the 17th Amendment. To a question about minus-one formula, she said it was actually a brainchild of some insane friends within the PPP, but now the issue had died down. Criticising present party leadership, she said that one of its main flaws was that it was difficult to know where the decisions were taken, whereas this was not the situation during BBs time, who would seek opinion from all concerned and would take them into confidence on important issues. If the same situation continued, the party may face problems in the coming elections, she warned. She said it was moral obligation on all sincere party workers to raise their voice at all forums about timely completion of inquiry into BBs murder case. Earlier, the couple had long meetings with old PPP guards at the residence of Dr Murtaza to bring them at one platform. According to sources, Dr Murtaza provided an opportunity to all disgruntled elements within the party to meet and give vent to their anger against their leadership. Reportedly, the old party workers on this occasion vowed to work in cohesion to force present party leadership to revert back to PPPs original manifesto.