In many a story of The Arabian Nights, often the leading man comes across a genie who upon seeing the hero, say Hatim Tai, first laughs and then cries. This kind of description is often repeated in this great storybook produced during the Abbasid rule. On December 4, I read a news item in your newspaper that reminded me of this genie of the Alif Laila (The Thousand and One Night). So I first laughed and then cried. The news item said Zardari to address a public gathering at Mochi Gate. The thought of our President finally coming out of Presidency pleased me no end. Even more pleasing was the prospect of him addressing his people who are so keen to see him among them. When I read the details mentioned in the news, though, I was dismayed a lot. The President would address the public all right but in the likeness of Altaf Bhai (the Great) as his speech would be broadcast via telephone lines. Well, if the President is finally going to address his dear subjects from his palatial hideout, I suggest he should not cause any bother to the people by insisting they reach Mochi Gate to hear him speak from long distance on phone. That, may I point out, would entail lot of expenditure as the administration would probably have to hire a crowd with public money. Why cant the President speak on TV from the Presidency? -AURANGZEB LEGHARI, Dera Ghazi Khan, December 4.