LAHORE - On-call doctors, consultants, surgeons and visiting anesthetists are performing surgeries in most of the Citys total 134 private hospitals which lack life-saving equipment to handle any mid-way complication. As the private hospitals fail to handle the patient properly in serious emergencies, they immediately refer the patients to public sector hospitals. It has also been observed that a patient dies on the way to public sector hospital due to non-availability of oxygen-fitted ambulances. Most of the private hospitals do not have proper facilities like CT scans, incubators, ventilators, ICU, CCU wards, good anesthetists and sufficient strength of doctors to handle general surgeries and set-up for saving patients lives during possible complications and post-operation infections, doctors said seeking anonymity. In some cases doctors and anesthetists being engaged in various hospitals come just minutes before operations and take a cursory look at the patients history and decide for surgery without much study of the case and health state of the patient. The private hospitals can be roughly divided in three categories - A, B, and C on the basis of their set-up, medical facilities, and equipment but majority of them fall in C category. Most of the C-category private hospitals are making money by Cesarean Delivery cases despite the fact they do not have Paeds wards or incubators for giving life support to the babies who are born pre-mature or have some complication of heart or lungs or injections. Such babies are referred to public hospitals especially Childrens Hospital in bad conditions and some of them become abnormal or die after delay in life support or oxygen. Medics are of the view that in most cases, senior doctors, being visiting staff, remain absent from the hospitals and patients are left at the mercy of nurses. This attitude or negligence has caused several deaths in cases where patients had multiple diseases and could not bear consciousness or anesthesia dose. Without taking into account the patients history or assessing whether or not the patient is ready for anesthesia and operation, doctors should not operate them but this practice was going on in private hospitals due to shortage of time, they added. Except few hospitals, most of the private hospitals are cheating patients assuring the patients relatives that professor doctor of this or that public hospital has done the operation while junior doctors are doing the job. In some hospitals only two doctors, mostly husband and wife, run the whole show with the help of Lady Health Workers (LHWs) and a team of dispensers in poorly-equipped operation theaters. The B-category hospitals have good buildings but lack medical equipment, specialist doctors and consultants and infrastructure but they carry on the task with the help of visiting staff. Only four to five hospitals in private sector can be included in A-category where the healthcare facilities can be termed satisfactory. Senior doctors of public hospitals start their OPD clinic at private hospitals between 6 to 10pm and give rent to the hospitals for renting rooms. Private hospitals sell the reputation and names of consultants, surgeons and professor-doctors and people opt for surgeries in private hospitals mainly due to the doctors fame. However, doctors in private hospitals did not fully subscribe to the view that they did not have sufficient facilities. Admitting that some hospitals still needed more equipment, they said, the level of facilities and hygienic conditions in the private hospitals were far better than public hospitals. Chairman Chief Ministers Task Force on Health Dr Saeed Elahi told The Nation that private hospitals failing to improve their equipment and infrastructure would not be allowed to conduct surgeries or operations. We are working on it and soon health regulation bill will be tabled in the Punjab Assembly in this regard, he said. He said the Punjab government was trying to regulate the affairs of the private and public hospitals under the Healthcare Bill 2009 which aims at ending loopholes in the healthcares in Punjab. He said private hospitals will be given time limit to improve their working and equipment failing which they will be closed down in larger interest of public health. Nawaz grieved over Bashir's death PML-N Chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has expressed his grief and sorrow feelings over the death of Bashir Miandad, brother of renowned former test cricketer Javed Miandad, here on Friday. He said it was the continuation of the sequence of universe so one could not have power to stop this incident. Mian Nawaz Sharif condoled deeply besides presenting his heartiest sorrow over the incident. Meanwhile he also condoled heartily on the death of renowned artist Ghulam Rasool and eminent columnist Athar Nadeem. He prayed for the deceaseds heirs for patience.