LAHORE - Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, Chairman Steering Committee of PML (Q-Like-Minded Group) has said fixing any responsibility on Pakistan in case Afghanistan operation fails to achieve its stated objectives will be counterproductive to the national interests of both Pakistan and the United States. Kasuri expressed these views while delivering a media briefing over the outcome of Steering Committee of PML (Q-Like-Minded Group) meeting on Friday at the residence of Humayun Akhtar Khan. Like-Minded Group leaders including Salim Saifullah, Humayun Akhtar Khan, Mian Asif and others were also present on this occasion. He said that the Steering Committee meeting took serious note of the certain implied threats in President Obamas speech. Referring to threats in US President speech, he said that mean more drone attacks and in certain cases even intervention on the ground on the border areas of Pakistan, adding the committee felt any such action would be gravely counterproductive. Kasuri said the committee felt that the US should not try and pressurise Pakistan to over stretch it regarding the latters efforts on war on terror. He said that Like-Minded Group meet welcomed Obamas reference to the need for mutual interest, mutual trust and mutual respect between the two countries. He said the party meet also reached the conclusion that Pakistan Army must not be compelled to fight both on Eastern and Western borders and in this connection, reports of Indian interference in FATA and Balochistan should be investigated by the US and Pakistan. Kasuri said that Steering Committee discussed the issue of provincial autonomy, situation in Balochistan and the demand for a Sarakai province and the members of the Committee favoured maximum autonomy to the provinces. It has also been decided that the Committee would go deeper into these matters and come forward with comprehensive proposals soon. The meeting also took serious note of the problem of shortage of water in Pakistan. It considered various dimensions of this problem and decided to form a Committee of experts who would look into the problem in its entirety and the recommendations of the experts would be sent to the appropriate party organs for final decision, he said. Steering Committee took serious notice of the governments attitude towards local bodies and decided to hold a local bodies convention in Lahore in the near future, he concluded. Replying to a query regarding Blackwater presence in Pakistan, Kasuri said that it was the responsibility of the host country to protect the foreign missions on its soil and no other external security agency should be allowed to operate in this regard. About a new list of bank loan defaulters, he said that the national wealth should be recovered from all those persons who got written off their loans illegally. Regarding Like-Minded Groups reorganisation, he said that many old and seasoned politicians from Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP have assured their support to them, while in case of the Punjab they would soon start a mass-contact movement to reorganise their faction. Kasuri without naming the political parties, said they were in contact with three political parties of different provinces for a possible future alliance. Saleem Saifullah replying to a question said that he was extremely worried over the activities of Blackwater in NWFP and criticised the NWFP Government for not stopping the infamous mercenary organisations activities. Humayun Akhtar responding to a query said that his brother Senator Haroon Akhtar was a Director of Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited, which was a Public Limited Company listed in Karachi Stock Exchange. This mill had taken Rs 90 million loan from Zarai Taraqiyati Bank in 1992. Under prevalent laws of Pakistan and State Bank of Pakistan regulations, Rs180 million have been returned and no amount of this loan was written off. This company has never been sick or in default. He said he could categorically state that neither he nor any of his family member got any loan written off. Replying to another question, he said that they were leading the real PML and they would soon move to the Lahore High Court for registering their party in the name of PML as when they went to Election Commission, it said that their query did not come under the jurisdiction of the Commission.