LAHORE - Chief Justice Lahore High Court Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif on Friday issued show-cause notice to Secretary Interior for his inability to submit reply on a petition against presence and illegal activities of Blackwater and Dutch nationals in Pakistan. The CJ also warned Secretary Interior that if he does not submit reply by December 14, he would be prosecuted under contempt of court law. The CJ has sought reply twice from Interior Ministry but it failed to comply with order. On previous hearing the CJ had sought replies from the Interior Ministry and the Inspector General Islamabad. Khawaja Sharif has also called a detailed report from Foreign Ministry on Watan Partys plea to pass an order for the search of American Embassy to recover illegal weapons. The CJ was displeased when it was told transpired to him that IG Islamabad has submitted his reply but he did not sign the same. Is this the way to address the court, it seems that all ineligible persons have been given job in police department, the CJ grumbled. He retuned the reply to additional IG and directed him to submit it in a proper way. Watan Party Pakistan through its Punjab chapter president Hashim Shaukat had filed the petition. Barrister Zafarullah Khan on behalf of the party contended that American and Dutch nationals roaming in the street of capital with sophisticated weapons and harassing local people as well police personnel. He pointed out that Director General ISI had brought to the notice of CIA chief who visited Pakistan last month that American intelligence agency was involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. He said an American magazine The Nation had disclosed the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan and its hideouts in Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad. The counsel also claimed that Commandant (Incharge) Sahala Police Training Centre has also complained to his high ups that explosive ammunition is being collected there and he is not allowed to visits the sites. He submitted that the police in Islamabad had caught American and Dutch nationals with weapons but no action was taken against them. He pointed out that several reported incidents according to which American and Dutch nationals were found roaming around the federal capital with sophisticated weapons like machine gun. Moreover, the diplomats and marines of both the countries thrashed the local people and harassed police personnel when they stopped on suspicion. The counsel said the culprits of all the incidents were set free on the intervention of interior ministry and no action was taken against them for violating the law. Barrister Zafarullah alleged that hundreds of members of Blackwater landed at Islamabad Airport and were allowed exit unchecked. He pleaded that even under article 29 of the Vienna Convention 1961 diplomats did not enjoy any immunity for criminal activities. He asked the court to direct the authorities concerned to register criminal cases against all foreign nationals who were apprehended with unlicensed weapons.