ISLAMABAD (PPI) - Pakistan is facing critical shortage of qualified educators especially in the rural areas of the country. Schools in rural areas resort to hire unqualified, volunteer or para-teachers and these teachers are usually paid less that result the low-quality education. This was stated by MuslimAid Project Coordinator Education, Sadia Riaz while addressing a training workshop held here Friday. She said the recruitment of unqualified teachers has resulted in the de-professionalisation of teaching adding practice has negatively affected the quality of education in our country. Un-trained, underpaid and poorly motivated teachers are unlikely to teach effectively, she said. While keeping in view the dire need of trained teaching staff, MuslimAid has started teachers training project in rural areas of Islamabad and Murree. MuslimAid teachers training project targets the education-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), to which MuslimAid is committed, she said. Initially Sadia Riaz said MuslimAid has started to train teachers in 37 schools of Murree and Islamabad while for the purpose, 250 primary school teachers and 60 principals, vice-principals and heads are selected for the training purpose. Our trainings are on in Tarali (Islamabad), Ghora Gali, Trait, New Murree Charehan, Mussiari (Union Councils of Murree), she added. She told that MuslimAid has hired highly-qualified trainers whose specialisation is in education and the assessment of teachers. Dr Asad Abass Rizvi, Dr. Muneer Kyani, Tasneem Sarwar, Sabahat Yasmin and Farid Ahmed Barohi are among the trainers. Project Coordinator further said that their main focus is on effective teaching methodologies, modern concepts of education, capacity-building of teachers, leadership and academic management, lesson planning, classroom management, subject specific training and understand child psychology. We are also engaging parents in these training and community participation is being ensured to get desired results, she said. Speaking at the occasion, Programme Manager Education, Asad Farooq said that the education-related MDGs cannot be achieved without adequate numbers of properly trained and qualified teachers. MuslimAid teachers training project is designed to develop and provide training programmes, especially for unqualified teachers who teach in both formal and non-formal schools, he added.