ISLAMABAD Urging Ulema to issue Fatwa against suicide attacks, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has termed attack on Parade Lane Mosque as a reaction to South Waziristan operation. Talking to media persons at Ministry of Interior on Friday, Malik said that the terrorists might carry out more attacks to take revenge of the operation. He said the investigation of the recent incident has been started and, according to initial reports, four suicide bombers entered the mosque and opened firing at worshippers and hurled hand grenades. He added that two of the four attackers were suicide bombers who blown themselves up in the mosque, while the security forces killed the other two attackers. To a query about the presence of foreigners at Sihala Police Training Centre, Islamabad, Interior Minister said that there were some agreements with them signed in the tenure of Pervez Musharraf and they were working in Sihala. However, he said that the government would examine those agreements and finish them if found against the interests of the country. Talking about the ongoing operations in Waziristan and Swat-Malakand division, Malik said that the security forces had killed most of the leaders of terrorist outfits including TTP, Sipah-e-Sahaba and some other organisations. He added that the recent terrorist attacks were desperate attempts of the members of those banned outfits. He said Al-Qaeda, TTP, Sipah-e-Sahaba and some others were actively involved in incidents of terrorism in the country to make Pakistan a failed state. To a query, Malik said that government did not believe in levelling allegations without any evidence. However he pointed out that the terrorists were getting ammunition from Afghanistan. He added that the government had already asked the Afghan government to block the supply of arms. Security forces have seized trucks from Bara (NWFP) with Indian branded ammunition, Malik said. He also informed that two security scanners had been imported that would be installed in the Federal Capital. Earlier, the Minister chaired a meeting to review security arrangements for the holy month of Muharram. IGPs, Home Secretaries and officials of intelligence agencies attended the meeting. Malik told that there would be a ban on display and carrying of arms while the provincial governments had been advised to hold meetings with Ulema and finalise security arrangements for the holy month to avoid any untoward incident. He further said that a committee would review the situation of Kurram Agency and Parachinar and suggest measures to open Kurram-Parachinar Road.